Cairns Zoom & Wildlife Dome

About Cairns Zoom & Wildlife Dome

The Cairns Wildlife Dome is a spectacular all-weather wildlife exhibit, encased by a 20-metre high glass dome on the rooftop of the prominent Reef Hotel Casino, right in the heart of Cairns. Visitors are immersed in a rainforest environment whilst parrots, cockatoos, lorikeets, and other birds native to the Wet Tropics region fly freely around, with the opportunity to observe free-roaming rainforest wallabies and bettongs, and curlews, frogmouths, kookaburras, frogs, turtles, pythons, crocodiles and lizards. The Cairns Widlife Dome houses over 400 individual animals, nearly 60 species of birds, mammals, reptiles, frogs and fish.

Complimentary guided tours and animal presentations take place throughout the day, providing an interactive learning experience about rainforest wildlife and superb photo opportunities.

Opening Hours: 
Monday to Friday 11am - 6pm with last entry at 5pm
Saturday & Sunday 9am - 6pm with last entry at 5pm

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Activities packages

Here at the Cairns ZOOM, we have made it as easy as possible for you to enjoy YOUR favorite activities.

Each Activity ticket is valid for any of the activities at the Cairns Zoom, so you can choose to do any combination of activities, or repeat the same activity multiple times. It’s completely up to you, and you don’t have to decide which activities beforehand, simply buy as many Activity tickets as YOU want to, and use them however YOU want.


- Mid-ZOOm
The Mid Course, at an easier level of difficulty is suitable for beginners, young people and as an introduction for the Hi-Zoom. Participants will start out on a 30cm high training element before exploring 27 different elements including: a spider’s web, seesaw, chairs and a snakes and ladders climbing wall.

- Hi-ZOOm with Ziplines
The High Course is a medium to hard level of difficulty suitable for older children, and young and older adults alike. Some of the 38 elements of the Hi-Zoom are very difficult, high among the treetops and may take a few attempts. Participants will enjoy crossings such as the Beer Kegs, Tyre Wire, Walk the Plank, Dodge Ball, and the Cargo net.

- PowerJump (with ZOOm-View Internal Walkway)
The PowerJump’s POWERFAN® is a highly engineered machine that is able to provide the freefall adventure of your life, in safety and without needing to deploy a parachute or strap yourself by the ankle to a bungee cord! It is designed, manufactured and marketed by Dropzone. Technically it is a device that will safely and repeatedly control a person’s descent, dissipating the potential energy by means of a fan. The fan is driven only by the descending person’s mass and does not require an external power source.

- Dome-Climb (with ZOOm-View Internal Walkway)
Not for the faint-hearted…
While securely connected to a continuous belay system, step outside the glass Dome, and take in the sights of Cairns City, Trinity Inlet and Cairns Lagoon, as you walk around the outside of the top of the Dome. Then climb back into the Wildlife Dome and take a bird’s eye view of the entire Ropes Course, and watch participants’ controlled descent on the amazing PowerFan.

Wildlife Dome Entry

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Activity packages

Enjoy YOUR favorite activities. Choose your package and preferred combination of activities. 

Animal Shows

Morning shows

10am - Bird Feed Out Tour
See our remarkable rainforest birds at their most active and observe their diverse feeding behaviors in the morning. Meet at the stage.
11am - Python Talk
Witness a spectacular display featuring some of our amazing Pythons. Meet at Snake Enclosure at the top of the stairs.
12pm - Freshwater Crocodile Talk
Meet Tom and the other Freshwater Crocodiles at their enclosure and discover what makes them different to other crocodiles. Meet at the Freshwater Crocodile enclosure next to Snake Enclosure

Afternoon shows

2pm - Koala Talk
Get up close to and touch Australia's cuddliest marsupial - the Koala. Find out why koalas sleep all day and how they raise their young. Meet at the Koala Enclosure in the back of the Dome.
3pm - Estuarine Crocodile Tank
Meet Goliath the big boy of the Dome and find out how he found his home here in Cairns city on a hotel rooftop. Why are Estuarine Crocodiles so different to the Freshwater Crocodiles? Meet at the Crocodile enclosure on the boardwalk.
4pm - Mammal Talk
Get up close and personal and meet one of our very cute and cuddly mammals. Discover what a marsupial is and why they are so special. Meet near the Koala enclosure.
5pm - Frogmouth/Kookaburra Feeding
Come meet Snowy our white Kookaburra, and see how many Frogmouths can you spot sitting camouflaged on the branches. Meet at Kookaburra & Frogmouth enclosure.