Hotel services


Wi-Fi is available in all guest rooms, 1GB is complimentary per 24 hours, after that the Wi-Fi will slow down.  An additional GB is available at a cost.

For 24 hour technical support contact 1800 235 176.

Wireless internet is available in the Lobby in addition to all guest rooms.

- 24 hours, complimentary 1GB


To receive a facsimile, our FAX number is 61 (0)7 4030 8777.
To send, please contact the Concierge.

Cash Machine

Exchange of foreign currency and travellers cheques (passport is required) is available through the Casino Cash Desk.

Automatic tellers are also located in the Casino lobby next to Casino Guest Services and Bar36. 

Connectivity Centre

The Connectivity Centre is located in the lobby area of the hotel. Each hotel room has access to 30 minutes of free internet (per calendar day).

Doctor & Dental emergencies

The Hotel Doctor is on call 24 hours a day. Arrangements can be made through Concierge for the Doctor to visit the Hotel, or transport to the medical centre can be arranged. Dental appointments can be made via Concierge. 

Reception services

Secretarial service

Secretarial services are available. Arrangements can be made via the Hotel Operator on Extension 9, Reception on Extension 2 or by specifying your needs through our app.Prices- Photocopying - $0.15 per page (B & W)/ $0.95 per page (Colour)- Printing - $0.15 per page (B&W) / $0.95 per page (Colour)